Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Exciting News!

We are...............................expecting another baby!
We found out when Kipton was only 6 months old, so it happened quickly especially considering I'm still breastfeeding.  Pretty much as soon as I started Kip on solids I started my cycle again.  Then the next month I was pregnant!  So I only had one "lady cycle".  Only one egg got by since having Kipton. Haha.  Kipton was conceived the second month of trying as well.  Although we weren't actually trying for a third yet...more like just not preventing.  With Kipton we did things to try.  Guess it doesn't matter whether we try or not.  If we aren't preventing...we get pregnant easily!  I know it takes most people longer to conceive, so we know we are so incredibly blessed.  I try not to take that for granted.  I'm 9 weeks and 2 days along today. (I always feel like I should be saying BABY is 9 weeks 2 days along instead of me, but anywho..)  I got a positive test at home on May 29th.  Cale was with me and he was adorable.  At first there was only 1 line showing, so we thought negative, but then at a second glance there was a faint second line that we both saw.  Cale gave me a big hug then said, "I can't hug you as hard now because I don't want to hurt the baby."  There were a couple other cute things he said that I can't remember but so hope they come to me because I know they were just awesome.  I then called Chad and asked if we could have lunch with him.  He of course said yes and was excited so we got ready to go.  On our way there I was brainstorming how we'd tell him.  When I got pregnant with Kipton the first thing I did was try to find a shirt for Cale that said "big brother" to put on him and wait until he noticed.  When I couldn't find one I decided to get a gift bag and tissue paper for the actual test to let him open.  That was cute, but I wanted to do something different this time.  I looked for a big brother shirt for Kipton to wear this time, but again couldn't find one so I thought it would be neat to make a shirt for Chad.  I grabbed some shirt markers and a plain white tee in his size.  Cale wrote "Daddy of 3" in big letters on the front then it was time to meet him for lunch.  Thankfully I got the whole thing on video and it's on my YouTube channel!  His initial shock is great!  We'd joked before about how fertile we are and he'd told me one day while I was packing away some maternity clothes from Kip that I shouldn't pack them too far!  As I mentioned before we weren't preventing because we wanted another and welcome whatever God wants to bless up with, but He didn't waste any time with His blessing and it was a bit wild to us at first considering we had and still have a baby already.  Kipton is 8 months now and will be around 13 months old when baby comes.  Cale didn't walk until he was 14 months old... I can't imagine having 2 babies in diapers not walking!  Double stroller here we come!  Luckily we're thinking Kip will walk before then, but you never know!
Update on Kippers!
As I mentioned above he's 8 months old.  He's rolling, crawling, pulling himself up to his knees, starting to pull himself up to his feet, starting to wave, loves to squeal, loves baths and showers with daddy, and loves to eat!  He'd go to sleep at 6:30pm every night if I'd do it. Which I would if that were always feasible.  He then sleeps until 6 or 7 or so then sleeps again for another couple hours.  Once in a while he'll wake around 3am for a feeding, but when he does that he skips the 6am one.  He also takes a nap in his crib after lunch for an hour or so.  I know I'm blessed with his sleeping!  With Cale we had to do some sleep training to get him to sleep through the night, so it's nice to not have to do that this time around.  He learned day from night very early and would sleep as long as his tummy would let him from the start.  It's been quite nice!  I'm still breastfeeding him, but mostly only in the morning, before his nap, and at bedtime.  Any other time he is too distracted to nurse like Cale started being around 7 months.  With Cale though I unfortunately saw it as him weaning himself, so I stopped at 7 months.  Then I'd read that at that age it can be common for babies to act distracted (be on just for a few seconds at a time before pulling off to look around over and over) just because as they get older they are more interested in the world around then and that it doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to wean themselves.  By the time I had read that I had stopped breastfeeding but still had milk so I offered it to him again, but he just stared at it for a minute then wanted nothing to do with it.  When I remembered how not long after I decided to stop I had just given Cale a bath while in my robe, and as I was carrying him out my robe slipped open and he tried latching on but I wouldn't let him I started crying and crying and just wished I could go back to that moment and let him nurse if he wanted to nurse.   I wish I didn't have an all or nothing attitude.  So I vowed that if and when I got to that point with any future babies then I'd power through until they're at least a year old. .  I'm not going to lie though..When Kip started doing the same thing around 7 months just like Cale did it was a bit frustrating.  Feeding him just when he wants to has been great though. I do that and don't stress.  I plan on going as long as Kip wants to when he wants to even if it's only at bedtime.
I can't mention Kip without mentioning how happy he is!  I joke if there was a happy baby award he'd win 1st place!  He is so funny too.  I can't believe we went so long without him.  I also can't not mention how close he is with his big brother.  He loves to watch Cale, to play with Cale, to get attention from Cale..and Cale I'm certain couldn't be a better big brother.  We recorded him when we told him Kipton was coming and his sweet genuine excitement is contagious.  That video is also on my YouTube channel.  His excitement hasn't left and he is such a big helper in any way he can be.  He adopted the title "Official Diaper Thrower Awayer" from the start when there wasn't much more he could do.  Now he likes to help feed him and play with him.  If Kip gets fussy Cale is right there without being asked rocking him, singing to him, bouncing him, giving him a toy, making silly faces, whatever it takes to make him happy.  He also doesn't want him to get hurt.  He genuinely cares and it's great to see.  I hope that part never changes. 
We also have a dog that adores Kipton.  This dog is the craziest dog too.  Like...I'm someone who despised a shock collar until I met this dog. Holy moly.  If you met him he'd jump all over you and lick you like crazy and bark and bark.  He's a muscular HIGH energy dog.  You'd might think.. dangerous to be around baby right..but no!  The dog's name is Tugger and when it comes to Kipton he is so sweet and gentle.  We named him Tugger because he liked to play Tug of War as a pup and he still does. He plays with Kip too.  He will bring a toy over to him and gently put it where Kip can grab it then gently pull it but not so hard as to pull it out of his hands.  Kip is 8 months remember so can you imagine how gentle he'd have to be.  It's pretty awesome.  If anyone lays on the ground Tugger thinks they must have done it to wrestle with him.  With Kip they "wrestle" but again Tugger is so careful.  Now we wouldn't leave Kip or any baby alone with any dog so this is all under close supervision, but so far we're so pleased with how gentle our wild dog has been.  I wish he could be that gentle with everyone.  He doesn't bite or anything but he's quite the energy ball.  He's part terrior, so I've decided no more terrior anything in our household in the future.  He's fun, but he's exhausting.
 I'm super sleepy like I am most of the time these days.  I'm excited for that second trimester energy booster!  But because of that I'm signing off for now.  I'm typing this from my phone tired, so hope it all works and makes sense.  I feel like I was all over the place and still have so much to say! 
Another time!
Cale has T-ball practice and game tomorrow woot woot!
Happy Tuesday all!

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