Thursday, March 28, 2013

Science Center 2013

Cale and Kipton got to see Grandma Connie and Grandpa Rick today!  Grandma stopped over in the morning to hang out with the boys then Cale, Kipton, and I picked up Chad from work to meet Grandpa Rick at the science center.
A "T. rex Named Sue" was there
 Which Cale thought was awesome!
Cale dug for dinosaur bones
Kip handed out lots of smiles for Grandpa
We explored the rest of the Science Center too and all had fun pretending to share the weather on the news
Cale thought this part was pretty cool to make himself disappear on screen

We were channeling the subjects in the American Gothic House painting.. can you tell?

I love Chad's haha
Afterwards we checked out a fun burger joint downtown that we'd been wanting to try. 
Way worth it!
Cale went to bed one happy kid.   He's enjoying his spring break!

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