Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Black Friday Experience, Cubbies, Hunting, Holiday Party

Chad is out hunting right now with his cousins. I told him the thought of someone getting accidentally shot scares me.  He then proceeded to tell me that he's had bullets whiz past his head before.  Awesome.  I pray for him to have fun, BE SAFE, and get a deer! 

Cale and I are going to pick out some purple slippers for a slipper exchange a woman at Church invited me to. I'd never heard of such a thing before. I think it's a fun idea.

Cale did great at his Cubbies meeting this week.  He said five verses for stickers!  So proud of him.  I'm impressed with the way the workbook teaches him.  It has a children's story with characters like "Luv E Lamb" and "Cubbie Bear" that leads into the verse for the week and how Cale can apply it to his own life.  PERFECT for his age.  He understands so well with the way it's laid out. Chad and I are enjoying volunteering. I'm trying to learn all of the songs and movements that we do.  I'm glad I can laugh at myself because I'm way off sometimes!  It's a fun though.

I feel like we were lead to the Church and the program.  I kept running into one of the volunteers just out and about like the grocery store, the park, even an amusement park at one point.  The first time I met her was at a playground.  She asked me that first time I met her if I attended a church.  We didn't at the time, and I wasn't really actively looking for one.  I told her what my mother always said.. "Going to church makes you as much of a Christian as standing in a garage makes you a car."  Truth to it yes, reason to not go.. not necessarily.  That was kind of the end of it, but we just kept running into each other and talked about getting together.  I definitely think there was a reason for that, and I think she's said something along those lines to. Now see her every Wednesday! 

We braved the craziness that is Black Friday this year.  We didn't really plan on it.  Chad's mom asked if she could have Cale the day after Thanksgiving to help her decorate her tree like he did last year.  It made sense to just have him go home with her after Thanksgiving so that he would be there in the morning.  Chad and I were left with the night to ourselves and no plans, so we scanned the ads and saw some deals we were interested in.  Mainly though we wanted to go for the experience, and it was quite the experience!  We had to park way behind the first store we went to and in the grass at the second store.  People were crowded around items that were taped off until midnight.  We decided to just kind of watch the madness for a bit when they announced it was midnight and everyone could begin shopping.  A tall stack of storage ottomans got attacked near where we were.  It was crazy.  It actually didn't take us long to want the heck out of there because it was SO crouded and slow moving once people had their items and were waiting to check out. .  I don't even know how many people I came into physical contact with.  It did finally start to clear up though and we actually got into it a bit.  Spreading out to see if some of the things we wanted were still available.  We left the first store with a deep freezer. We went to a couple other places and had fun with the experience and ended up meeting some nice people along the way.

I didn't know what to expect with all of the horror stories about Black Friday, but I think it could actually be something fun to do as a family.  Making a plan, spreading out, and getting great deals of course.  I think the most important thing is to not forget your manners.  Say excuse me, thank you, and don't purposefully run into anyone just to get through somewhere.  Also, there shouldn't be anger or resentment if you don't get to an item you want before it's gone.  If you get it you get it if you don't you don't and you'll probably find other great deals anyway.  As long as one has that attitude, I think it could be really fun!  I definitely want to go again.

A few moms in town get together when we can with our kids (and sometimes without).  Yesterday we got together for a Holiday Party! The kids got to decorate holiday cookies, play, and make a Christmas tree ornament craft.  Cale looked forward to it all week and had a lot fun.

Mr. Cale was excited for the cookies!

He had fun decorating

And making his ornament

Checking out the story-telling bear

I think this is so cute.  They were working together to figure it out.

Successful Holiday Party!

Last Saturday I had some serious best friend time.  Heidee came up and we went to dinner, did some Christmas shopping, saw the new Twilight movie, and then went out on the town.  I could have done without the going out part because drinks were flowing too easily that night, but I'm so happy because Heidee met a great guy that night! 

Last but not least...We have SNOW!  Cale has been loving making boot tracks in it with his new snow boots from Grandma Chris that he has to show everyone!  It's pretty cute.

Happy Saturday!

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