Monday, November 28, 2011

Surgery, Halloween, and a Chihuahua

I just skimmed a few of my last blog posts.  I am surprised and a little saddened by how much has changed since then!  Cale is so smart he amazes us.  Him blurting out a big word we didn't know he knew is common now.  He's still my sweet little man that says the sweetest prayers every night, but he also has typical ornery little boyness in him.  I watched Kalyn and Alisha all day today.  Kalyn is more like Cale's little sister than she is his cousin.  They love each other so much like they always have, but now they tend to try to get to each other like typical siblings would.  Alisha is no longer a tiny bundle.  She's crawling, pulling up, eating solids, smiling, laughing, clapping, has a few teeth in, and is almost 10 months old.  I can't believe she'll have her 1st birthday soon!  I also can't believe how much time has passed since I last blogged.  A combination of a broken keyboard and a broken camera took the blogging wind out of my sails.  We've replaced the laptop though so it's much easier to type.

Chad had rotator cuff surgery 11 days ago and has been home ever since.  It has certainly been no vacation for him though.  Many people told me how un-fun shoulder surgery recovery would be.  I think him not being able to do what he'd like to do is what has been the worst for him.  He's very active.  He's definitely not the type to come home from work just to hit the couch and watch TV.  He's always seems to be working on something.  Between the medicine keeping him drugged up and the pain, his lack of mobility made him one un-happy camper.  We made do though with a bunch of movies for when he wasn't sleeping.  He got his stitches out today and had his shoulder X-rayed.  Doctor said everything looks stable.  He still can't lift his arm over his head at all though or even away from his body without pain.  He's going back to work tomorrow with a few work restrictions and will go to physical therapy for a few months.  I'm excited for the time to come for him when he's as mobile as before and pain free!

Here's a photo of my little zombie for Halloween last month.

He loved trick-or-treating!  Even though we took him to a creepy house even to us for his first one.  A waving decapitated finger along with creepy music would be a bit much for any 3 year old.  He powered through though after finally getting the courage to say trick or treat.  Soon he was running up to doorsteps by himself.  We had a lot of fun and Cale got a ton of goodies that he shared too willingly with his mama!

In other news... we adopted a chihuahua!  Yes, a chihuahua!  Some time had passed since we'd lost Max, and it felt like we were getting closer to being able to have another friendly tail wagging around our house.  Plus, having a cute 3 year old sweetly ask for a dog certainly got our gears turning, but the day we decided to check out the Humane Society it was "just to look" for fun. Maybe to pet one since we'd been missing Max so much.  Get our feet wet a little, but not actually adopt.

Then this little guy jumped into our lap and soon after our hearts
 You can't tell from the photo, but he was shaking and terrified when I first saw him.  Tail between his legs, hunkering in the corner, ears back.  I walked passed him at first thinking he may not be super friendly and also because I never thought in a million years Chad would want to even look at a little chihuahua let alone adopt one.  We both came back to him though, and I asked to hold him after he came to me though the fence.  When the guy opened the gate he ran back to the corner and hunkered down again not wanting to be picked up.  When he was put in my arms he was quivering, but I held him close and slowly and steadily his shaking slowed.  I asked if we could take him to the fenced in play area with grass.  By the time we got out there he was like a whole new dog running, jumping, playing, jumping on my lap, Chad's lap, Cale's lap and back down again. Cale chased him, he chased Cale, and they had a blast.   I thought it may be just because he was outside, but Chad then told me that when we walked in, he saw him out there with another family and he was just as terrified and timid as he was when I first saw him.  He liked us!  We made him feel comfortable, and after seeing how well he listened and how happy he was we realized that he had just chosen us, and there was no way we were leaving him the way we found him.

Meet Spike

He was one happy chihuahua on the way home, and he now has a semi-permanent spot on my lap.
Even while driving.

The first night we had him we said he would NOT be allowed in the bed. We were successful the first night, but the second night proved to be too challenging. After a lot of whining from him we gave in, and he now has a spot under our covers at night. Spike won, but he keeps our feet warm at night, so we all won. How be breathes under there all night is beyond me though.

Nap time for the boys!
He's certainly a welcome addition to our family and we're happy to have him.

Plus, he was pre-potty trained.  Woo hoo

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