Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bison and Awana Cubbies

Yesterday Cale and I went to story time at the library and then did some shopping.  I picked up a black table, and Chad started putting it together with Cale as soon as he got home without being asked. I love that.   Cale built a Lego truck on it for daddy this morning.  He said he needed to hide it because it was a surprise and we hide surprises.  Then he picked up the rest of the small Lego pieces and put them away without me asking.  Kudos to Cale!  Later today we headed to the library because they were having a children's class where Cale learned all about Bison and how they survive in the winter.  He got to touch bison fur and bones!

A while ago, we read Cale a bedtime story about a horse that fell over a cliff and got rescued by a helicopter that lifted him up, so today when she asked how a bison could defend himself from a predator Cale said "a helicopter could come with a long long rope and pull the bison up to rescue him!"

Tonight some friends invited us over for dinner which where Cale got to play with some of his friends. We then headed to church for Cale's "Cubbies Club Meeting".  We've been church shopping recently and while looking through a church's pamphlet I saw a Wednesday night activity for kids 3 and up that included singing, dancing, crafts, and learning about God.  It sounded fun, so we took Cale to the next Wednesday one.  There we learned that it's actually a program called the Awana Cubbies.  In ways it's similar to Boy Scouts with a Christian base.  Chad is an Eagle Scout and we both love the Christian aspect, so we were in and immediately and got him his cute little Cubbies shirt, bag, and workbook.   He had a lot of fun that night and didn't want to leave, but we promised him we would keep coming back.  There were a couple of crafts in his bag when he was done.  One included a paper man puppet he had made and colored.  We asked him who it was and he said it was Noah.  There was also a coloring page that he colored of Jonah and the whale.  Cale then proceeded to answer all of our questions about what Noah and Jonah did including some aspects that we hadn't taught him, so we were impressed!  One of the leaders said that he fit in with the group as if he'd been there for the whole program. 

The program includes "Bear Hugs" which are Bible verses that we go over with him at home in his workbook (which includes a cute story and activity) then he repeats the verse at his Cubbies meeting to get a sticker for his workbook.   Since Cale got into the program late, I started catching him up at home with the Bear Hugs that he missed in addition to the Bear Hug that the class is currently on.  Tonight, Cale recited all of the Bear Hug verses we had gone over at home in addition to this weeks Bear Hug even though they said when kids start late, they usually just pick up where the other children are.  So proud of him.  I don't want him to miss out on anything, so I'll keep doing that until he's done all the Bear Hugs the other children have.  When he is caught up, he'll probably wonder why we're only doing one Bear Hug a week.

Tonight Chad and I also started volunteering in the program.  Chad was in the room where they go over the day's lesson, do a craft, recite that week's verse for a sticker in their workbook, and have a snack.  I was the the room with the singing, dancing, puppet show, lesson review, and toys.  Cale starts out in the room Chad's in then half way through moves to the room I'm in. I was a little nervous going into the room I'd be volunteering in just because I didn't know what to expect or what to do.  First thing when I walked in a little girl ran up to me, wrapped her arms around my legs for a hug, and said "You're beautiful!"  What a sweet wonderful welcome.  That little girl made me feel at ease immediately.  I said "Thank you!  You're beautiful too!"  She sat on my lap when she could as well as a couple other little girls and a little boy.  The class started singing a fun song about prayer together and my eyes got watery.  Awana Cubbies gets my vote for being totally awesome.

Chad has Cale in his room first. When Cale came into the room I was in he said "Mommy!" and ran up to me for a huge hug.  I asked if he was having fun and he said he was.  I think he enjoyed having us there this time.  Towards the end, there was still time to fill, so we played Duck Duck Goose.  I don't think Cale had ever played before tonight, but he didn't care.  He LOVED it!  He got chosen as "goose" quickly and enjoyed it even though he wasn't sure what he was doing.  We look forward to helping out every week now.  We both had a rewarding experience.

Tomorrow Cale and I will be going to his aunt Angela's to watch the Kalyn and Alisha, so he's excited!

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