Monday, February 7, 2011

My New Niece

This little bundle of happiness arrived ‎on Tuesday February 1st at 11:27 am weighing in at 7 lbs. 5 oz and 19 inches long.
Meet Alisha Nichole

She arrived in a big snow storm!  When I looked out the window Tuesday morning, not much snow had fallen at all compared to what we were expecting.  Whew!  When I first hit the interstate to go meet her, I thought the roads were fine.  Why was everyone going so slow?  Why were semi's crawling with their hazards on?  I thought everyone was being a little too apprehensive.  I still took it easy though figuring there were patches of black ice here and there.  It didn't take me long to figure out why everyone was creeping along though.  The entire road was pretty much black ice!  I couldn't go over 25 mph the entire way without losing control.  It was a long drive there with vehicles going off in the ditch and the occasional driver passing everyone that hadn't realized what they were driving on yet. (Like me at first)  The most dangerous part was how good the roads looked.  Besides snow flying over in some spots, you'd think it was dry not icy.  That's living in the midwest though.
Then I had Cale in the backseat who often likes to pretend that our car is like his toy cars.  "Oh no we're gonna crash into that semi!!"  I didn't find that nearly as entertaining as he did that morning.  I'm glad he enjoyed the ride though.  I finally arrived white knuckled and headed inside with Cale while my dad parked my car.  (Thankfully because I was so happy to get out of there!)
I was so glad to have made it before she was born!  We met Kalyn and my parents in the waiting room, and had fun with goodies that Grandma brought for Cale and Kalyn.

Playing catch with Grandma Connie

Larry came in to let us know the good news

We got to see her

Then we got to hold her!

This photo is so cute because this was Cale's genuine reaction to his new cousin.  I put her in his lap and he naturally looked down at her with this smile of awe.
 My sweet boy
Looking up at Alisha's mommy
I wish we could have held her longer here, but my parents hadn't met her yet, so we had to pry ourselves away from her
Sweet baby girl
I had to leave my car there that night since the weather got even worse, but that was fine with me.  In the part of the state I grew up in, they got 18 inches or something like that. Crazy crazy crazy

Chad wasn't able to meet her until Friday after he got off work.  He was genuinely excited to hold her, and that made me smile.

 Cale pointed and said "Daddy's holding a baby!!"

 My mom and I snuck off before mommy and baby got home from the hospital to have her make-up done by the air-brush make-up artist that's doing make-up for our wedding.  He's done a trial run for me before charging me only a few bucks for lashes, and he said he would do the same for her.  A quick call to see if he was available and we were on our way!
Doesn't she look beautiful?  Okay she always does, but he made her eyes look awesome!  I can't wait to see her with her dress on and hair done!

 This was our best attempt at a family photo that night.

Welcome to the world baby Alisha!  I'm so excited to spend time with you, watch you grow, and teach you about all things girly! :-)

Happy Monday!

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