Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturday Through Wednesday

I'm not sure why my last post says it was on Saturday.  I actually posted it Friday night.  Maybe I have to update my time zone somewhere.  Some keys to our laptop mysteriously disappeared recently (little Captain Destructo!) which makes it very unfun to type!  I fixed some of them, and still have a few more to go, but need to have a lot of patience before I attempt it.  Do you know that there are multiple tiny pieces that delicately go together which hold your keys to your keyboard?  Not a fun process!  I'll attempt to catch the blog up though

On Saturday, Chad, Cale and I spent the day with my parents.  Calers was super excited to see Grandma Connie and Grandpa Larry

Along our days journey, we got to spend some time with this pretty girl..

Here we are waiting to be seated at Applebees, the maker of my favorite Kiwi Margarita!  Seriously, next time you're there try one!

We would have stayed the night to be with my parents on Sunday and to hit up some of Chad's old stomping grounds on Saturday night, but he wasn't feeling good at all.  I know he's so handsome that you can't tell (hehe), but he had sore throat, fever, chills, etc, so we headed home after dinner.

We got a good nights sleep, and Chad was feeling much better on Sunday.  We were going to head to my sisters to watch some football, but Chad was itching to get work done on the house, so Cale and I went and left daddy with our kitchen island project.  It was good to spend time with my niece and sis before she has her baby.  Before the 3 of them becomes the 4 of them!  It was also nice to hang out with Bart and Amber!  Cale had a lot of fun with their kids and Kalyn.  Chad missed out on football, but when we got home, we had a cardboard island in our kitchen which I'll elaborate on in my next post.

On Monday, Cale and I took a little trip to see my best friend and her little cutie, Emma.  First we met at a Mexican restauraunt for lunch, and Cale met Emma for the first time.  He kept calling her "Little Baby" instead of Emma which was just as cute!  Then we went to the mall so Heidee could find some jeans because the girl is skinnier now than she was before baby!  Heidee's mom Laura and I hung out with the kiddos while she found some jeans.  I used to work at the mall we went to, and I couldn't believe how empty it was.  Not sure how they are still in business!  A bit sad, but Cale had fun on the little rides there.

He was a bit freaked out by the clown kid staring at him.  (It is a bit freaky don't ya think?)  I don't usually carry coins with me, and Cale has always been happy to play on these things without them moving, so I never really put any quarters in them.  I'll thank Heidee the next time he climbs up on one and wants it to move when I don't have any quarters!  He actually knows the word "quarter" now which he didn't before! haha

We went to Laura's after the mall where Cale was so sweet to Emma.  He bounced her, held her, kissed her, hugged her, tried sharing toys with her and even sang songs to her!  I think he'll be a great big brother when the time comes!

Here's a video of my sweet boy singing ABCs to Emma until he saw a fish he thought looked like Nemo!
Cale startled Emma a bit when he went to kiss her oops!
Cale loves Heidee, and I don't know what kid wouldn't.  She's so full of positive energy, and that's one of the reasons I love her!
We  had to get our kiddos together!

Sweet kiss from a sweet boy
Then Cale was up to holding her.  I'm so proud of him!  This was the first time he held a baby all by himself!

I just love all of his expressions.  He's like "Am I doing this right?"

Good job Calers!

Emma and mommy

When Cale and I got home that night, there was a gorgeous granite kitchen island countertop to greet me!  More on that later though

On Tuesday, Cale and I went to story time in the morning and found out about a neat get together for moms and their kiddos from a friend that I'll share after these photos and a video of Cale playing with daddy on Tuesday night dirty face and all

His laugh is the best noise in the world!

Now for the photos from the play date on Wednesday.  The kids had a blast! It was at a really neat place that recently opened that I didn't even know about kind of in the middle of nowhere, but still not far out from town. The play group was held in a huge room that's usually indoor putting green which they covered with carpet for the kiddos. The kids played with a bunch of little balls, had fun throwing streamers, and even had a little dance party at one point. I brought a bag full of trains and trucks that the kids enjoyed, and I was proud with how well Cale shared his toys. The place also has a bar area (seperate from play area) that's pretty nice which I'll remember for Chad and I next time we go out. Here are some photos of Cale having a blast there

Jasmine and Cale were the first ones out on the "dance floor" ready to go!

Happy Thursday!

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