Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playset Assembly With Daddy

Good morning!
I didn't mention in my random list post yesterday how much snow we were expecting!  We woke up to a nice thick white blanket outside.  Cale and I will have to put his cute snow suit from Grandma Chris to good use today!
I clicked on "Edit Posts" this morning to add some tags, and I saw a few posts that were in progress including this one.  I'm sure I was going to add some wording about the photos and process before hitting that submit button, and I sure wish I did then because I don't remember what all I would have said about them now.  That's why I love photos so much.  When it's all over, that's what you have to look back on.  That and your memory, but if you're like me, looking at photos suprises you about how much can really be forgotten.  Things you never want to forget!  Most of these photos do speak for themselves though.  Cale was very excited and daddys little helper. 
Don't let your camera collect dust! 
You'll be so appreciative later.

Good job daddy (and Cale!) for working even into the night putting it together! 
A HUGE thank you to Grandma Chris and Greg for this fantastic summer gift!
It's the perfect size for our modest backyard, and we still want to stain it dark which I'm excited about!
This winter when it started snowing, Cale wanted to clean off the white stuff every time he went out which I thought was neat.  He wanted to keep it clean!  Living in the midwest though, he did give up on that one after a while.

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