Friday, January 14, 2011

My Birthday

Good morning!
Chad called me on his way home from work last night and said "I have a suprise for you!"  He doesn't have to work today OR Monday!  Four days off.  A little vacation!  Although we haven't seen much of him yet today because he's in the office on a conference call.  Hopefully he'll be all ours after that!
My birthday is at the end of December.  Actually my poor parents, my sister's birthday is December 16th, Christmas of course is December 25th, then my birthday is December 29th.  They never did much on New Years for some reason. :)  You might think all those years for gifts, they just set aside a Christmas gift and called it a birthday gift.  My little girl mind thought of that though, so every year on my birthday we would to go shopping!
Here's a recap of my birthday with Cale's version of Happy Birthday at the end
Cale and I picked up daddy from work to have lunch together.  Here they are reading some of my birthday cards.

It's for you mommy!

Well Cale looks cute =)

My boys!

Cale singing the best birthday song ever.

Free birthday dessert

We went into Bass Pro Shops afterwards to see the "fishies"

 Snagging a photo of daddy and Cale before he had to go back to work.

After this, Cale and I took off to do some shopping with a birthday gift card from Chad's mom.  That was REALLY nice.  Cute hats, vases, drinking glasses with colored ball bottoms (hard to describe, but super cute displayed in our kitchen), and margarita accessories all made their way home with us,  It was awesome to leisurely shop for things I love, so THANK YOU to Grandma Chris!

Chad's finished with his conference call. He's being a patient for Dr. Cale right now.  Off to enjoy vacation because when he's on vacation, I'M on vacation!

Have a great weekend!

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