Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double Date

It was CHILLY here today.  Chad's back to work, and Cale and I went to story time this morning.  Cale's definitely just like his daddy - always the center of attention!  You'd think he was best friends with every kid there, and I think that's great.

Last Saturday, Cale stayed with Grandma Chris, so we went out with Todd and Melanie - Awesome couple!
First we met for some appetizers where I should have gotten a photo of my big fun drink that Chad suprised me with.  Shark attached and all!
Then we went to see "The Dilemma" which was pretty funny!
Bowling afterwards
I think I was the most excited, but totally did the worst!
Chad went for SPEED most of the time...
And this guy beat us all like a pro!

 There were a lot of lap shots that night

I said a lot!...
Silly boys
We had fun :-)
Hope to get together with these two again soon

Happy Tuesday!

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