Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas With Grandpa Rick

Grandpa Rick came to our house for Christmas, and Chad made his DELISH burgers with venison (or "deer meat" before I met Chad )  He's seriously amazing.  He throws in a ton of random stuff (atleast that's what it looks like) and they come out perfectly every time.
Cale excited to open the first gift!
It was a cute camo Carhartt jacket for Calers!
Delivery man!
I was SUPER excited about these boots!
Hugs for Grandpa!
Cale starting another gift.  I think I was still oogling over my boots..

Cale said "Open it open it Grandpa!"  It was his Garanimals Fun at the Zoo Game! ( The neat one about colors)
Grandpa Rick and Cale checking out Grandpa's new fishing pole, so the 3 generations can go fishing next summer!
After dinner and gifts we all headed downstairs to play bowling with the new Wii from my parents.  Cale played too, and once he got the hang of it he was pretty good!  I think Grandpa beat us all though!

Happy Thursday!

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