Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas at Grandma Chris's

Here's a Christmas re-cap
We had a really wonderful Christmas at Chad's mom's.  Her house is so comfortable, and she made excellent prime rib served with wine!  YUM!
My little poser in front of the tree.  I love his sweater vest from Grandma Connie and Grandpa Larry!
Digging into his stocking

This was so cute.  He got a Doctors kit and kept checking everyone with his stethoscope, but he would put it right under our chin.  I think I heard Cara ask what kind of doctor he had ha!  I like the sound of Dr. long as he can still change his own oil...and his wife's. :-)

This is the neatest piano ever.  You can roll it up! 
He loves to play music on it and sing.  Music is definitely in his blood!

My little helper

The Propers got me a gift that brought tears to my eyes!
A book about our family with many photos and perfect quotes.
I'm a sucker for that type of stuff.

Cale was excited to have gotten a fun play tent like his cousin Kalyn!

We connected the tunnel to his ball pit from Ang and Larry when we got home. 
It's a blast in the basement!
Cale loves his new desk that Greg built for him.  It even came packed with Play-Doh stuff!
I really like this photo.  Cale with his cousin Rylee.

Cale laid next to Kaitlyn and when she fixed her sock...

he had to fix his too.  And since Kaitlyn was reading...

Cale needed something to read too

Cara was trying to nap, but it's hard when you have a tractor driven by a 2 year old all over you.
I think Chad's teaching Cale how to pick on Cara just like he used to does!
Chilling with Uncle Steve

Time to pick on Rylee!

Here he is jumping off of Kaitlyn.. literally!  This was repeated about 20 times.
Happy Hump Day!

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