Monday, January 17, 2011

Building a Snowman, Sledding, & a Toddler Margarita

 Chad's day off today has been a lot of fun for Cale.  They took to the snow for some snowman building and sledding after breakfast. (Down our steep driveway!)

Helping daddy

Making a snow angel

Making a big snowball!

To throw at daddy's (cute) behind

Carrot for the nose!

Have to have a scarf

Chad laughed at me when I gave him green sprinkles for his hair.  I think it turned it out cool yeah? haha
We're still deciding on a name..

Good job boys!

Cale getting ready to sled down the driveway by himself!

He really enjoyed this.  In the summer our steep driveway is good for rolling his dump truck down, and in the winter, it's good for sledding down!

Squirrel at our spinning corn feeder made by Chad

After coming in, Chad made himself a margarita, and Cale wanted one too, so Chad got creative and made him his very own "Popsicle Margarita" in a plastic cup!

Daddy's margarita

Cale's margarita!


Cale has such a cool daddy.

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