Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deciding On Wedding Colors

I want a unique, fun, and modern wedding.  With that in mind, these 3 different color combinations keep standing out to me.  I think it's fair to say that blue will definitely be making an appearance in our wedding!

 Blue and Green

Yellow and Blue
Blue and Brown
Brown & Blue Wedding


  1. I love the blue and green, and the blue and brown! We did red, black and white. It was what I wanted ever since I was a little girl....classic, elegant, romantic... black tux's (with camo vests-Chad's only request!), white dress, and red roses! Romance! :-)

    Good luck with all the planning. It will be perfect and beautiful, whatever you decide!! :-)

  2. Thanks Katie! Camo vests ha that's great! I'm really loving the blue and green as well for our wedding colors. Thank you for sharing your opinion and colors! Your wedding sounds like it was very elegant and romantic I love it!



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