Thursday, June 10, 2010

Visit to Grandma Chris's

 Last weekend a friend of ours was having a Hawaiian-themed party (Happy Birthday Tim!) in the same town as Grandma Chris, so what a wonderful excuse to have a sleepover!  I can't tell you enough how much Cale adores her.  She's such a wonderful Grandma and she's really the best mother-in-law one could have.  He gets SO excited when we say she's coming over or we're going to go see her.  He's especially fond of riding in her car.  If he's ever sad that we're leaving all we have to say is "Ready to get in Grandma's car?" or "Want to go to Grandma's house?" and his excitement overrides his sadness
Grandma and Cale dropped us off then headed to Grandma's house for lots of play time before bed, and we had a great time that night!  My sister went to the Bahamas recently for a vacation wedding and got the cutest Hawaiian-themed dresses for it, so she let me borrow one.  It was adorable, but unexpectedly got really cold that night, and I'm usually cold anyway, so I was freezing!  We would have loved to stay longer if I weren't so cold, but it was still a great time!

Here are a few photos of Cale the morning after.  He took a break from playing to give me a few cheeses!
He was trying to be sneaky here to jump up on daddy
Daddy and Cale with their sleepy morning faces.  He's still handsome. :)

Cale will be excited this weekend too because Grandma Chris is coming over to stay the night with him!

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