Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spontaneous Science Center Stop

On Monday, Chad took the day off work for some appointments, so we went with him.

Here's Cale that morning eating some pancakes with my favorite sleepy face on :-)
When we were done with all of Chad's stops, we just happened to be right next the science center, and some of the best fun times are from spur of the moment why nots.  Chad isn't as big of a fan of spontaneity as I am, but I'm working on him. :) Since we were right there we just decided to stop by to see if there was anything Cale would be interested in, and we ended up having a lot of fun!

The first thing Cale saw was a ball floating in the air and he immediatly said "Leaf blower!" because at home, Chad will float a ball above his leaf blower for Cale when doing yard work.  He was a little nervous at first when I sat him up next to it.  You can tell by his little curled hands
He got the hang of it quickly though and enjoyed throwing the ball into the "big leaf blower"
The second thing Cale saw were two big tractor tires with rope around them that was supposed to show how much easier it is to lift something heavy with a pulley system.

He's thinking about lifting it..
He's trying to lift it...
He's trying REALLY hard to lift it!
He was on the side without the pulley system, so I'm sure he would have gotten it on the other side.. :-)

He really liked this bouncy ball thing that showed how high the ball would bounce on different surfaces.  He played with it for quite a while

Then we made our way to this crazy thing!  I used to have a small one when I was younger, but I had never seen anything like this before.  I don't even remember what it was called, but Cale would push into it then run around to see what impression he made.

Here's Chad's impression
I tried not to think about all of the germs that this thing must hold.  I used to work part time as a housekeeper when I was in school and used a spray disinfectant for things that couldn't easily be wiped clean.  I just hoped that they used something like that to clean it with.  I always pack hand sanitizer though!
Cale had fun with bubbles!  He would dip the big wand into the solution then spin around to make a big circle of bubbles around him

Here he is dipping the wand
I saw the puppet play area and decided to put on a little show for Cale.. then Chad let me know that my head was showing most of the time.  ha!
I think this picture is funny.  He's like wait a minute..  Our Calers always has to figure out how things work
It was a pretty neat place, and they had a lot of things Cale had fun with.  Even tunnels!
& a conveyor belt!  Chad put the stool on it so Cale could watch it move while he turned the wheel.  Cale promply removed it because he knew it didn't go there!
Here he is with his tongue action..
He does it when he's working on something
Cale found a train!!!
I'm pretty sure this was his favorite part.  The kid LOVES trains!  It might be funny to add that while Cale was playing with the train, daddy was over playing with flowing water trying to make it flow with the most energy (or something) and made sure to tell me that he beat 3 other teenage guys trying to do the same thing :) funny

I tried to get a photo of daddy with Cale, but he was too interested in the big wall of balls next to us.  Something he'll have fun with when he's a little older.  You can see that he still said "Cheese!" though!

I'll keep you updated on any other spontaneous fun we come across.  Sometimes planning is over-rated :)

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