Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Parents Visit, Grandpa Thursday, & Cale Flies His First Kite

What a title that is!
My parents came up last Wednesday.  My sister and niece also stopped by.  Cale was proud to show his cousin Kalyn all of his outdoor rides mostly adorned with cool stickers as you can see thanks to daddy.  He did such a good job sharing and wanted her to try out all of his outside toys.
Here's Grandpa Larry helping Kalyn drive Cale's truck while he supervises close behind

& here's Kalyn trying out the tricycle with help from mom.  Chad taped some blocks to the pedals in hopes that the kiddos could reach them that way, but their legs still come up a little short.  It won't be long though!
The next day was Thursday, so Grandpa Rick came over!  When I stepped outside this is what I saw:
I had to capture Cale's first time flying a kite!
He did such a good job!
I wish I got more of his expression, but Cale was running around SO excited about his new kite adventure!
Here's daddy trying it out with Cale making sure he's doing it right :)
Cale got the kite for his second birthday.  It was a pefectly windy day out for flying a kite, so Chad decided to bust it open and try it out.  So glad he did it was blast for everyone!

Shortly after, Cale went over to say hi to the his buddy next door.  He often asks if Cale can come over and play.  This day they were being so cute to each other through the fence, so we just let them talk away.
Cale got sprayed with a water bottle!  He ran away laughing
Then ran right back
& proceeded to climb the fence!!
The little guy suprises us every day!

Happy Thursday!

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