Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grandpa Rick Thursday

My new blog writers!
Hmm maybe I will have Chad do a guest post once in a while

Grandpa Rick came over last Thursday, and we went out to eat.  Here's Grandpa and Cale on our way
& I just love photos like these
Here's Grandpa and Cale studying one of Cale's books from Grandma Connie that he got in the mail right before leaving
At home, when Cale's done eating he says "All done!" then he's allowed to get down.  When we go to a restaurant and he's all done eating he wants to get down right away just like when he's at home, so its hard to explain to him that he can't run around he has to wait for everyone else to finish eating.  This time on the other hand, we stayed much longer than normal because Cale was interested in his new books.  I really should keep a stash of new things for him just for times like these.  It would really make things easier!

Here are the boys leaving the restaurant
We're lucky enough to have a school close behind our house with a playground.  On our way back to the house we saw it and decided to stop there for a while for some more spontaneous fun
Cale loved it when Grandpa decided to swing too!
Cale wanted to try his hand at pull-ups
He inspired Grandpa to do some too!
Then daddy!
Before we left Cale said "Tanker truck!!" because he saw this.  Kid knows his trucks!
We had some fun in daddy's shop when we got back
Cale was making his dump truck do a fast "spin out"  He got his dump truck from Grandma Chris for Christmas last year, and it is definitely a favorite around here!  It's the old fashioned metal Tonka style just like Chad played with when he was little.  Cale has put it to many tests, and it's pretty tough!  We have a steep driveway down towards the garage and he LOVES to let it go and watch it crash!  He even likes to ride in it sometimes it's so bjg!
Here he is making making his cute little hand prints on the concrete
High fives for Grandpa when it was time for him to go!
Another fun Grandpa Thursday

Happy hump day!


  1. what a great way for all of the family and friends to keep up and remember those moments - all the best , he really seems to love family, food, football and trucks - cheers alan

  2. very sweet blog! I like the music & tats. Iguess I need to take a pic of my TAT & send it 2 u. TGIF! I 'm a granpa 2 and my names Rick 2.

  3. This is such a cute post following you on Network blogs and Google friend connect. Follow on both back please.

  4. Red! That's actually Cale's Grandpa Rick's nickname too!

    Thanks for the comments tbaoo and asha.marie! Cale most definitely loves all of those things you listed tbaoo!



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