Monday, May 31, 2010

Zoo Adventures

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather around here lately!  It's been nice and warm but not hot with no humidity.  Perfect!  I thought I'd share the photos from our trip to the zoo.  Cale had a great time, and he was very excited to see Grandma Connie and Grandpa Larry.  Warning: There are a lot of photos!  I mentioned in my "More From Mother's Day Weekend" post that it would be hard to narrow down which ones to share since we got so many.  Hope you can enjoy the trip along with us in a way.  It's not hard to have a great time when we all get together.

It was a great day for a zoo visit.  It was cool and not very busy.  We started out walking through an area with a bunch of birds that freely flew around us which I thought was neat.  Cale was cautious at first and kept his ears covered.  We wondered if he'd do that the entire time, but he was back to himself before long pointing all of the animals out to us.  This is RIGHT after he decided to stop covering his ears.
We then passed this waterfall which Cale stood and watched in awe.  I have always loved waterfalls and would love to have our wedding by one..
Cale liked the seahorses
And was really excited to have found Nemo!  He said "Hi Nemo!"
& Dori!
After Cale said bye to Nemo and Dori, he was so super excited to see Aunt Angela, Uncle Larry, and Cousin Kalyn!
She's cute even when she's getting her face wiped!
After hugs and kisses hello, we headed over to the big playground for a bit
We couldn't resist a photo op on the dinosaur vertebrae
We then skipped on over to grab a bite to eat and meet Grandma Connie and Grandpa Larry
Cale loves his Aunt Angela
I couldn't help but snap a couple photos of my handsome guys at the table
Cale was playin with his suprises from the Grandparents!
I really heart my parents. They've taught me faith, love, honesty, compassion, and confidence just to name a few
Chad hearts them too :-)
After more hugs and kisses, we headed over to feed the fishies!
& Kalyn was brave enough to feed the llamas!
While Cale fed the swan..
Then got bit by the swan!  Oops!
He was okay though, and cheered up quickly when we told him we were going to ride the train.  He LOVES trains!
& tunnels!
We couldn't pass up a camel ride before we left!
Cale really enjoyed seeing so many different animals, as long as the train wasn't nearby.  At one point we said "Cale, look at the lions!  Say hi lions!"  The train was going by at the same time though, so instead he said "Hi train!"
When I took this photo of the monkey Cale said "Say cheese monkey!"
I was suprised by how close many of the birds would let you get to them
This guy still gives me butterflies :^)
That was our trip to the zoo!

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It was fun! Thank you for reading! =)



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