Friday, May 21, 2010

My Future Racer?

These are the photos from the race track that I mentioned in my "More From Mother's Day Weekend" post from when we visited daddy.  Doesn't Cale just look like he belongs there with his shirt, ear plugs, and sunglasses?  He got so many comments about how cute he was, and the mechanics liked his shirt. :)
They were doing ride-alongs when we got there, so Chad and Cale enjoyed watching the cars go by.
Then Cale got to sit in the passenger side of Brian's car who Chad was spotting for, and later the mayor put him in the driver's seat of his car
Cale said "Pro Shops!"
He fit right in with the rest of the guys!
He was so interested in all of the cars
Below are photos that Chad took during the race


  1. Um, I promise I was not taking pics during the race. Those were before the green flag. As spotter, there is not any time for taking pics... Just thought I'd clear that up:) Great post babe!



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