Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marriage Takes Three

Marriage Takes Three

Marriage takes three to be complete;
It's not enough for two to meet.
They must be united in love
By love's Creator, God above.
Then their love will be firm and strong;
Able to last when things go wrong,
Because they've felt God's love and know
He's always there, He'll never go.
And they have both loved Him in kind
With all the heart and soul and mind;
And in that love they've found the way
To love each other every day.
 A marriage that follows God's plan
   Takes more than a woman and a man.
   It needs a oneness that can be
Only from Christ-
 Marriage takes three.
-Beth Stuckwisch

We received this on a wall hanging as a gift on our "legal day" (more on that later) from great friends that we attended a bible study with before we bought our house and moved.  We keep it on the wall right in our main bathroom, so we see it often.  We love it.  It couldn't be more true.


  1. I agree on that.....God me and my hubby....I like it....
    following you from networked blog



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