Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Hi baby cows!"

First of all, I'm excited to have received my first blog comment! From my sweet hubby :) He wants me to write about when the two of us became the three of us! It's my favorite part too, so I'll definitely touch on that momentous time of our lives in a future post! He also touched on what today's post is partly about which was our visit to Grandpa Rick's farm to see his calves. I try to be a frugal mom, so I'm all about some free family fun and what two year old wouldn't love seeing real live calves up close and personal?

But first we met Grandpa to sit down and have a bite to eat. Cale said "Grandpa!!!" when he saw him and ran to get scooped up in his arms. He's a big fan of the Grandparents! As are we!

Then I couldn't resist having a mini photoshoot with my little man during a gas station stop..

Once we made it to Grandpa's farm Cale was all excited to see the "baby cows"! They were hesitant to come up to us at first at the sight of the "big dandelion" as Grandpa Rick called him in his cute little fireman rain coat from Grandma Chris.

They soon warmed up when Grandpa Rick gave them something to munch on. Their eyes still stayed on Cale though! Once they were closer, Cale kept saying "Hi baby cows!" in the sweetest voice you can imagine. Everything that kid says seems to melt my heart!

It was at this point that our camera battery died. :( We really need to pick up a second one for times like these. After this, Cale picked a dandelion with Grandpa and gave it to me. :) ..with which I proudly placed behind my ear. It's no weed in my eyes if it comes from him!

Grandpa had some plowing to do, so we took Cale to watch Grandpa's tractor in action! He loves pointing out tractors while we're driving down the road or reading his books, but this was the first time he had actually seen one up close! We got to talk to him about what a tractor was used for while he watched Grandpa drive. Cale really enjoyed it. I'm excited for him to actually ride with Grandpa one of these days!

Mother's day is tomorrow, so we picked up a rose and a card to drop off at Chad's mom's house. We knew she wouldn't be home until tomorrow, so we were excited to leave a suprise for her!

My hubby works at Bass Pro Shops and today was NASCAR day, so we then made our way there where Cale sat in a real race car! I was really missing my camera at that moment! They also had fun activities for kids. Cale had a blast with ball throwing and a bean bag toss, and I got to try two new things that I had never heard of before. I got a strawberry Red Bull smoothie with whipped cream which was VERY good, and I also tasted an apple cinnamon barbeque sauce which I thought sounded funny at first but tasted great! This was all outside, so we then headed inside to see the "fishies!" Once Cale sees the big fish on the exterior of Bass Pro, it's hard to leave without letting him go inside to watch the big fish in the big aquarium. It's always fun so we were happy to go see them!

We then headed to my sister's house because we knew my parents were watching my 18 month old niece Kalyn. Not only were we able to give my mom her mother's day card.. Cale was able to see his grandparents and had a blast playing with his cousin! They are so cute together and each other's best friend. It's really adorable. I was excited to see that my dad had brought his camera, so I of course started snapping away! I love capturing moments in time that can be remembered over and over again with a simple glance. I definitely see what the appeal is of being a photographer. Maybe one of these days I'll invest in a big fancy camera and explore my creative side, but for now I'm happy using our small Cybershot. I'll have to do an update when I steal some of the photos I took from my dad's camera!

Cale had such a fun-filled day, and I'm so happy to record this and share! I've been having a wonderful mother's day weekend and I hope everyone else has as well! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL MOMMY'S OUT THERE! We truly have the best job in the world!!!


  1. I love this site! What a WONDERFUL idea!

  2. HEY!!! You forgot to mention the part of your day when you unexpectedly ran into ME in the parking lot!!! :) Such a great idea, Christy. These are thoughts and memories you will all be able to look back on and treasure. Very sweet!

  3. Haha oh yes! I couldn't forget that! And thank you!! I hope I'm capturing some neat things I would have otherwise forgotten



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