Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom!!!
She's the best! I love her so much!

I hope every soon-to-be mommy, mother, and grandmother out there had a wonderful day today! What an important and rewarding job. Lots of love goes out to you! Husbands, I hope you give a big thanks to all of the moms in your life for all they do!

I had a great day! This morning Chad got up with Calers so I could relax. Shortly after, I heard Cale saying "Mommy's pretty" . That put a smile on my face :) Then he came in and wanted up on the bed with me to say "Happy Mommy's Day mommy" that just melted my heart. Then I got a BIG hug and kiss from both of my boys! What a great way to start the day! Then my little man proudly hand delivered the best card from him that daddy helped him make. It said Happy Mommy Day with a big heart and a train on the inside (Cale's choice!) I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world! I wouldn't let Chad buy me anything for Mother's Day (literally, he calls me "the money nazi" ha!) and I'm really glad because I got this hand written letter from him:

"Hey Babe!
Happy Mother's Day
You are the most A-MAZE-ING woman! This is for Mother's Day, so I will only describe your motherly attributes. I will not get into how wonderful a wife you are and how special you make me feel simply by putting faith in me! You have shown me more love than I've ever known, but I'm not going to get into that. I will not be writing about how beautiful you are from head to toe. How you are EVERY kind of beautiful from supermodel to girl next door to exotic to sexy house wife! You are a kind of beautiful that should require the invention of new words :-)
Christy, YOU led me to Christ! I am forever grateful for that. YOU have been ever patient with my transformation. I am forever grateful for that. YOU MAKE our family. Your hugs penetrate me. They are warm embraces that comfort and calm. I can tell they do the same for Cale :-) YOU are why I feel SO GOOD! YOU led me to Christ, and YOU have faith in me. That is the MOST that anyone can do for anyone, and YOU do it for me! But I'm not going to get into all of the things you have done as my wife since this is geared for Mother's Day. God blessed my life with YOU. He blessed our lives with Cale, and he blessed Cale with US. When it comes down to describing you as a mother it is super easy...Cale. Everyone who meets Cale will see what a great mommy you are. I get to see it every day! Anyone who studies Calers will see how loving you are. He is proof of your natural mothering talent. You are a natural at it. You are PERFECT for the job!
I am so proud of you babe!
I am the most blessed to have you as my son's mommy and MY WIFE :-)"

Yes, I certainly feel loved. Chad also gave me the big gift of relaxation today! I was even able to take a nap! He also mopped and did the dishes for me which was all icing on the cake! Maybe it's just me, but I LOVE to see my hubby clean! He's extra handsome then. :)

We did go out for some Tropical Sno though!

I got Cherry Lemonade, and it was delicious! My first Tropical Sno of the year! This is definitely a favorite during the summer months.

Yesterday, my mom gave me this little Margaritas To Go kit that I'm really excited to try!

We live two hours apart, so I'm really glad we were able to see my parents this Mother's Day weekend!

It was a little chilly today, but still nice enough to play outside. Here are a few photos of Cale picking a "flower" for me. :) I love him and his dirty face!

 Our dog Max relaxing in the grass

I had a great day with my boys then Chad made me dinner tonight! What a great Mother's Day weekend! Cale is my pride and joy and I am so incredibly blessed and proud to call myself his mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all!
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  1. So sweet! Happy Mothers Day! :)

  2. Thank you Iva! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!



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