Friday, May 14, 2010

Grandpa Thursday

I'm so excited about the weather here today! The past few days have been pretty rainy and dreary, so I'm super excited that the sun decided to make an appearance again! Cale asked to take an early nap today, so when he wakes up we'll have lunch then run errands and play outside. Yes!

Grandpa Rick has been coming over on Thursday nights for dinner and to play with his cutest grandson ever! (Yes, Cale's the only grandson. :) ) So it was "Grandpa Thursday" yesterday! The boys went out to eat then Cale and Grandpa played with Legos while Chad and I went to an open house a neighbor was having. It's a beautiful home and we live in a really pretty wooded area. I would be ecstatic if my parents, Chad's mom or dad, or my sister and her hubby would buy it! Wishful thinking :) I met another mom my age there though, so yay for that! Here are some photos of my handsome kiddo from the boys dinner out.

And photos of Cale and Grandpa playing before they busted out the Legos

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm really excited for ours because we're going to the zoo!  Cale knows the names of most of the animals now, so it will be fun for him to see them up close.  I'll be sure to blog about it!  Also, I have those photos from my dad's camera that I'll post as well.

Happy Friday!

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