Friday, May 7, 2010

First Blog Post!

Thought I'd start this blog out with a favorite photo of my two favorite men since they'll be mentioned quite a bit here! I'll be writing about what I love and I certainly love these two handsome guys! Meet my little buddy Cale and my handsome hubby Chad!

Welcome to my first blog post ever!

I love to write, so this will be the perfect outlet for me.

We recently bought a house that we're remodeling. It's a 1950s ranch with a walk-out basement, and my hubby's the handy man! We're turning a 50s ranch into a modern oasis, and we're doing all of the work ourselves! We've already flipped our stairway and created half walls to give it a more open feel, and our kitchen flooring has gone from this to this (except with 16x16 tiles). We put the natural slate down in replacement of the green faux marble peel and stick vinyl tiles.. made a huge difference as you can imagine!

We're also planning our wedding, and raising our energetic toddler who makes us laugh out loud every day! He's a big reason I'm excited to do this blog! How wonderful it will be to look back on when Cale is older and recall things we may have otherwise forgotten.

I take photos. LOTS of photos! Almost everyday. So here are a couple from tonight of Cale being super cute (he doesn't have to try very hard!) and having fun when he was wrestling with daddy. They love it!

Here's to a new blog!


  1. This is awesome babe! I am impressed and excited about your blog! Are you going to tell about the two of us becoming the three of us? (That's my favorite part) :)
    I'll help out as much as I can! Now let's get ready to go see the baby cows at Grandpa's farm!



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